Entry Requirements for Egypt

What documents do you need to enter Egypt?

Most foreign nationals must travel with an approved visa for Egypt, which is usually obtained in advance. 

Eligible nationalities can apply online for the visa for Egypt. Those who aren’t must go to the nearest Egyptian embassy. Although in some cases a visa on arrival is available, it usually involves long queues and waiting times at the airport so it’s best to avoid it when possible.  

Applying online is the easiest and fastest way, and it also lets you reach the border with the comfort of knowing you already have the necessary travel authorization. You will be able to apply for:

  • The single-entry Egypt visa, with a validity of 3 months 
  • The multiple-entry visa for Egypt, with a validity of 6 months

Both types of Egyptian visas allow the holder to stay in the country for up to 30 consecutive days. 

However, having an approved Egypt visa will not be enough to be granted entry into the country. For example, you’ll also need to show a complete travel itinerary that includes the location of your accommodation. Keep reading to see what else is needed to be granted entry into Egypt.

Egypt Passport Requirements

Besides having an approved Egypt visa, another of the most important entry requirements for Egypt is having a valid passport

The passport has to have a validity of at least 6 months from the start of the trip, as well as at least two blank pages.

Make sure it’s stamped when entering Egypt, because you will be asked to show it when you leave.

Do you need travel insurance to enter Egypt?

Having travel insurance is not one of the mandatory entry requirements for Egypt. However, it’s strongly advisable to purchase an insurance policy before traveling

Egypt offers its visitors unique landscapes that can end up proving dangerous without the proper precautions, so knowing you’ll be able to access health professionals if you need to would be a huge comfort when exploring the country. It is especially necessary if your itinerary includes a camping trip to the desert. Make sure your insurance includes emergency airlifting if you plan on doing this activity.

Do you need vaccines to go to Egypt?

Yes. Having a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is one of the mandatory entry requirements for Egypt for every citizen of an endemic country. It will also be necessary if a traveler had a 12-hour or longer layover in one of the endemic countries. 

Besides that, all travelers should be up to date on routine vaccinations. They include the vaccines against the Flu, Chickenpox (Varicella), Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR), Polio, Shingles and Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis. It’s also advised to be protected against Hepatitis A and B, as well as Rabies.

Maximum amount regulations

The maximum amount of Egyptian pounds that can be taken in and out of the country is 5,000 EGP

The maximum amount of United States Dollars that can be brought in is $10,000. Higher sums need to be declared.

To learn more about all the currency regulations currently in place in Egypt, read our section about the currency of Egypt.

Health-related Egypt entry requirements

Vaccines won’t cover all the possible health issues you could encounter while exploring an exotic country such as Egypt. For example, to avoid the “Pharaoh’s Curse” and other food-related diseases, foreigners must avoid uncooked meals, tap water and swimming or washing in freshwater

Mosquito-borne diseases can also be an issue: all travelers should purchase strong insect repellent before boarding their flight to Egypt. Don’t get close to or pet wild animals.

Besides that, it’s important to be aware of the fact that not all prescription medicines are allowed in Egypt. To travel to Egypt with prescription medication you will need to provide a certificate from a professional stating the needed amount and reasons for taking the medication. The medicine should be in its original package along with its dispensing label so it can be checked by the border officers. Travelers should note that some over-the-counter medications are controlled in Egypt, and any prescription medication containing Methadone is strictly forbidden. For a detailed overview of the medication Egypt entry requirements, you can click here.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, remember to periodically check the current travel requirements to Egypt as they can be subject to sudden changes. You can contact your closest Embassy or Consulate in case of any doubts regarding prescription medication.

Do I need PCR test to travel to Egypt?

No, there are no entry requirements for Egypt related to COVID-19: they were lifted on June 17, 2022. Since that time, all foreign citizens can travel to Egypt without the need of showing a PCR test or a vaccination certificate. Even though it’s not necessary, it’s recommended to be vaccinated against COVID-19 when traveling to a foreign country. 

If anybody tests positive for this disease while in Egypt, they will be forced to quarantine for 14 days. 

Other entry requirements for Egypt

The following objects have to be declared when traveling to Egypt

  • Electrical equipment
  • Satellite phones
  • Video cameras
  • Radio equipment

If you don’t declare them, you run the risk of having them confiscated.

Do you want to be more prepared before traveling to Egypt? Head to our Egypt travel advisory. There you’ll find everything you need to know about staying safe, cultural rules and more.