Egypt Visa Application Form

Step by Step: How to get a visa for Egypt

Step 1: Fill Out the Egypt Visa Application Form

The first step, after researching the specific requirements for your nationality, is to fill out the Egypt visa application form online

The Egypt visa form is very simple: it only requires knowledge of basic information like the name, birth date and passport information of the applicant. The person in charge of filling out the application form for Egypt visa will also need to provide travel details like, for example, flight specifics.

Each applicant needs to ensure that all segments of the Egyptian visa application are completed, and that the information is truthful

Step 2: Settle the fees and await approval

After completing the Egypt visa online application, the applicant must pay the attached fees with a valid debit or credit card. Once payment is completed, the Egypt visa application is ready to be submitted. 

After successfully submitting your application and attachments, you will receive an acknowledgment email. The final approval or rejection will be communicated in the same way a few days later.

Step 3: Outcome- Approved or Declined eVisa for Egypt

Applicants will be made aware of the final resolution for their Egypt visa via email, even if the decision is to reject the application. However, for most travelers, that resolution is the desired one: an approved visa for Egypt. 

Once approved, this travel document will be sent to the same email. It should be printed before traveling and shown to the authorities at the moment of entry.

Do I need to print my Egypt eVisa?

Yes, it’s wise to print the Egypt eVisa before arriving in the country.

You must show your passport and approved visa to the immigration authorities once you reach the border crossing of choice. 

Contrary to countries like the US or Australia, Egypt’s online visa system is not completely digitized yet. This means that, when the authorities scan your passport, the machine will not be able to register your visa automatically. You must have a physical copy of your approved visa to be granted entry into Egypt.

Information needed to process your Egypt Visa Application Form

  • Personal information (including, but not limited to, name, place of residence, birth date, nationality and passport details). 
  • A functional debit or credit card to pay the visa fees
  • A current email to receive the final resolution and approved document

egypt evisa
processing time

How long does it take to get the Egyptian e-Visa?

  • Visa on Arrival: since you apply in person at the airport, the traveler will know the government’s decision almost instantly. However, if the resolution is to reject the application, the traveler will need to return to their home country immediately. 


  • Egypt e visa: it’s usually processed in a week or less. It is best to apply more than one week in advance in case of issues or requirement for additional documentation. 


  • Embassy/Consulate Applications: it usually takes a minimum of 10 working days, but this can vary depending on the embassy or consulate in charge of processing the application. All travelers should apply with as much anticipation as possible, but no more than 3 months before traveling.

How much does an e visa Egypt cost?

The cost of the visa for Egypt will depend on what type of travel document you apply for. Each visa will have its own processing and government fees which, added together, make up the total cost of the Egypt visa. 

The single-entry visa to Egypt has the lowest fees, but only lets you enter the country once during its validity. On the other hand, the multiple-entry visa for Egypt is more expensive, but it grants the holder more freedom by allowing multiple entries and exits out of the country. 

The total price range is between 111 – 178 USD, depending on the type of visa. This price includes 24/7 professional assistance, communication with the government, and the overview and correction of all missing or erroneous information.

Please note the price may vary based on the current exchange rate.

All travelers need to be aware of the fact that the total cost of the visa will also be different if they apply on arrival or in an Embassy or Consulate instead of online. Holders of official passports aren’t required to pay for the Egypt visa.

Please note that the Egyptian government has the exclusive right to grant or deny entry to its country. Having an approved visa does not guarantee that the person will be allowed to cross the border, especially if they don’t comply with other requirements of entry. 

The Embassy of the traveler’s home country can never request their access to Egypt if the government has decided to reject them.